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Smart Metal Roofing stocks a versatile line of roofing accessories including:
If we don’t stock the roofing accessories you need, then we can custom manufacture them, in many cases.

We also maintain a large network of professional builders, architects, designers and suppliers who can help us source items that may be difficult to source.

Whatever you’re looking for, call us first!

Chinaman's Hat Roof Type - Smart Metal Roofing in QLD, Australia

Whirly Birds

We stock Whirly Birds vents in a wide range of colours and sizes.
They are up to four times as corrosion-resistant as standard galvanised steel.
If we don’t stock what you’re looking for, in most cases, we can custom manufacture an item to suit your needs.

Ridge capping

We have a wide selection of ridge vent products from leading manufacturers to suit your unique needs.
We have ridge capping solutions for all types of commercial and residential structures.
If we don’t stock what you’re after, we can most likely fabricate a suitable solution in our workshop.

Gutter & Roof - Smart Metal Roofing in QLD, Australia
Roof metal 1- Smart Metal Roofing in QLD, Australia

Valley metal

Valley metal is essential to maintain the integrity of your roofing system.
Our skilled experts customise valley metal to match the unique design and construction of your home.
Of course, we provide valley metal for new builds, too.

Gable rolls

We provide and install galvanised and steel gable rolls.
We have a huge range of different product colours, styles, and sizes to select from to meet your needs.

Gray and Black Residential House — Metal Roofing In Coomera, QLD
Metal Roof — Metal Roofing In Coomera, QLD


Our wide range of roll-formed and custom-made barges are used to create professional, tight appearances on the edges of roofs. Our metal experts can design and manufacture just what you need for a seamless finish.


Smart Metal Roofing liaises with leading manufacturers specialising in custom metal products for our Builders and residential customers.  Our Suppliers stock a wide range of standardised products from leading manufacturers.

Our friendly and team members are here to help you make the most informed decisions about the roofing accessories you need.

Smart Metal Roofing will source the highest grade of materials to meet the customers’ requirements.

Our team is proud to serve all Residential and Multi Residential Unit Complex customers from Ballina all the way to Hervey Bay.

Call or email us today and let us help you with high-quality, affordable products and services.

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